What a delight! You have found yourself day dreaming about me. Did you imagine my infectious giggle? Was it my mischievous smirk or the twinkle in my eye that could only be followed by touch that feels like a warm August night?

You have wonder in your eyes yearning for my knowing, don’t you? Like a wave crashing to shore and soaking into a sandy beach; our time together will feel like that of an old friend yet feel as effervescent as finding a new one.

A trip to Napa? An outing after work to help wind down from a long day? I’m the perfect confidant in all occasions. I have discreet presentation and am mindful of most possible scenarios.

You can find me at an occasional photo shoot which I will be sharing in my gallery. I will also be sharing unedited non blurred photos in VIP Please email me privately if you care to see the VIP gallery of unedited photos! (Here)

When I’m not modeling  I spend my time working towards my education, traveling to the East coast and along the PNW. Art and fashion, gardening, visiting modern art museums, dancing salsa and bachata are some of my favorite things. Hiking into forested mountains and swimming in the rare Californian lake brings me most joy, though. Being from the midwest it’s certainly not enough lake time but it’s a good trade-off for warm winter sunsets in the Bay Area. I love my city! San Francisco keeps me on my toes. Growing and learning here has been such a gift while I continue on my journey. 

I value intellect and delegation but the true way to my heart is shared empathy. So much gratitude can be found when you’re constantly flipping the script and taking on new perspectives. I keep my mind open to new experiences and concepts of life. I give endless compassion and understanding. I will never judge. Tell me all your secrets. I look for relationships that uplift us both equally mentally, emotionally and physically. There is so much healing in sharing uninhibited expression with one another. I want us to experience something that leaves us both feeling more complete and connected to ourselves than before we meet. 


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